Monday, February 15, 2010

Wedding cakes

Let us lovingly create your dream cake that suits your unique style, colour theme, tastebuds and individuality.

Wedding cake trends come and go and cupcakes still seem to be the cake of choice going into 2010. There are so many different toppers to choose from your choice is only as limited as your imagination! In stacked cakes couples are going for a more classic look with cleaner lines and less "fussy" decorations seen in years gone by. We have many new designs being created, so keep an eye out for some wonderful new cakes coming soon...

Because each cake is different and has many variables it is hard to have a fixed price list for every cake. Flowers and figurines are handcrafted with a special edible sugarpaste, they are time consuming to make and therefore a price will be given when we know exactly what is required.

Wedding Cake Sizing guidelines

If you have other desserts at your wedding your guests will generally require only a small finger size portion. If however your cake is the main dessert you will want to serve a more generous portion and it is a good idea to ask the caterers to serve the cake with some lovely berry couli or chocolate fudge sauce and a nice dollop of whipped cream!

Two tier cakes Size (inches) Size (inches) Serves
Round 8 6 35-50
Round 10 8 50-70
Square 8 6 52-75
Square 10 8 75-105

Three tier cakes Size (inches) Size (inches) Size (inches) Serves
Round 8 6 4 42-60
Round 10 8 5 65-90
Square 8 6 4 63-90
Square 10 8 5 97- 135

Please see my Information page for cake flavours and other details.

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